The Studio

Frank's new studio is loacated in Yatala, Australia. The studio is set in a beautiful country environment on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia.

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View the slideshow below to get an inside look on the studio process!

1. Armature

Frank creates an armature in the form and shape he wants to sculpt, and packs this armature with clay.

2. Shaping

Frank shapes and refines his sculpture out of the clay using his hands and a few tools - many which he has designed over the years.

3. Mould

Next Frank makes a Silicone Rubber mould of the sculpture which is backed by fibreglass

4. Foundry

The mould is then sent to an Artistic Foundry in Brisbane or Auckland, New Zealand.
The foundry reproduces the sculpture into Silicone Bronze making an exact copy of Frank's mould using the Ceramic Shell Lost Wax process.

5. Finishing

The bronze sculpture is then returned to Frank Miles' studio where it is welded, fettled and finished ready for patination.

6. Patinas

Finally, Frank patinas the bronze sculpture which can take many hours depending on the size of the piece.
These patinas are very special and have been perfected over the last 30 years.